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Lezyne : control drive : co2 inflator

Lezyne : control drive : co2 inflator

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Lezyne controllable air valve nitrogen cylinder●

The weight is only 16g (excluding cylinder) -CONTROL DRIVE CO2 Product features: >> Cnc machined aluminum dispenser, containing brass internal parts. >> Cnc control knob can easily control inflation. >> Twin Slip Fit quick-plug air nozzle head is connected to American and French air nozzles. >> Neoprene sleeve can prevent hand cold hands during inflation. >> Can provide a 16g carbon dioxide cylinder or only used as a gas nozzle head. >> The thread is only CO2 bottles compatible. >> The weight is only 16g (excluding cylinders). >> Air nozzle+protective cover+16g CO2 cylinder >> Product color: Silver: 1-C2-CTRLDR-V106 Black: 1-C2-CTRLDR-V104

Does not come with co2 inflator

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