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Lezyne : stuff caddy : handlebar bag

Lezyne : stuff caddy : handlebar bag

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The Stuff Caddy is a simple, versatile handlebar bag with a 1.3L capacity. It quickly and securely mounts to your bars (or, if you want, your frame, fork, or wherever else you may want to put it). It's built from high quality, durable materials, and its adjustable straps increase versatility. An integrated draw cord tightly holds its contents in place. The water-resistant construction is designed with reflective features for added safety.


* WEIGHT: 91g
* DIMENSIONS: 97x96x205mm
* CARGO: 1.3L
*COLORS: BlackGray


04.23.2017 - SOC17: Lezyne teases light duty bikepacking bags, more colors for pumps and tools - Bikerumor

"Built at medium sizes, [Lezyne’s bikepacking bags are] perfect for long day or one way trips, commuting or very light bike packing."

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