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Parcours : Strade (49/54mm) :Carbon Disc wheel set for road bike

Parcours : Strade (49/54mm) :Carbon Disc wheel set for road bike

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The Strade is a wheelset for going fast, regardless of how you ride. It’s aerodynamically optimised, but tough enough to withstand the rigours of all-road riding.

Thanks to #thinkwider, a yearlong research project into wind conditions in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, we were able to produce a truly fearsome wheelset that maximises aerodynamics. Using the data generated from the collaboration, we were able to develop a wheelset that combines straight-line speed with stable handling, and we did this fully in-house, too.

The Strade is aerodynamically optimised around a 28mm tyre and uses differential front and rear rim profiles. It is our fastest mid-depth disc brake wheelset across all road surfaces and can be used for almost anything; club rides, light gravel, racing or bikepacking odysseys.



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