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CRNK : Helmer Hyper : cycling helmet premium edition

CRNK : Helmer Hyper : cycling helmet premium edition

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The HELMER HYPER helmet has redesigned its inner frame and exterior design to give riders a more comfortable and secure fit

  • Upgrade from standard HELMER model 
  • Upgraded Air Channel (Wide Ventilation) Designed to act as a passageway to maximize airflow by strengthening the ventilation channels inside the helmetT he angle and shape of the vent are designed with an aero design that does not interfere with the flow of wind, and is designed to bring in cold air while riding and quickly discharge the hot heat from the inside

  • Reflective Shell You can ride safely even at night by reflective shells on the upper left and right sides

  • Design updated Resized and rearranged the overall logo to be reborn as a trendy new model

  • Interior Design (Comfortable Fit) Minimizes the pressure of EPS on the side of the head and provides stability to the entire head, providing the rider with ultimate comfort. 
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