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Ryder : Slyder 4-up storage

Ryder : Slyder 4-up storage

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Gear Up for Smooth Rides: CO2 Inflation and Puncture Repair Options

Facing a flat tire on the road can disrupt your ride. This product offers two ways to get you back rolling quickly:

Double Down on CO2:

  • Carry two cartridges: For riders who prioritize speed, having two pre-filled CO2 cartridges allows for fast inflation - inflate your tire twice if needed!
  • Simple and familiar: This option might be ideal if you're already comfortable using CO2 inflators.

Compact Combo: CO2 + Ryder Slug Plug

  • Save space: This solution lets you carry just one CO2 cartridge while offering additional repair capabilities.
  • Fix larger punctures: The included Ryder Slug Plug can tackle bigger holes than CO2 inflation alone can handle.
  • Double the protection: This combo provides a backup plan in case your CO2 inflator malfunctions.

Choosing Your Perfect Pair:

  • Speed demons: Opt for two CO2 cartridges for the fastest possible repairs.
  • Space-savers: The CO2 and Slug Plug combo is ideal for minimalists who want a compact solution.
  • Trail tamers: If you conquer technical terrain, the Slug Plug's ability to handle larger punctures provides extra peace of mind.
  • Tool Time: Using the Slug Plug requires some basic mechanical skills. If you're comfortable with tools, it's a valuable addition!

Note: CO2 canisters are sold separately.

Shop with confidence! This product empowers you to get back on the road quickly and efficiently, no matter the situation.

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